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Garden of Eden

Mechanical wood sculpture - game with a wooden ball

Eva (80 cm)



Divka s koc. detail

Girl with Cat

Mechanical sculpture (100cm)






Mechanical sculpture - game with a wooden ball (65 cm)



Free form sculptures


Rajska zahrada

Garden of Eden - height 380 cm







Mechanical Wooden Sculptures
These works are the result of connecting of all artistic activities of the creator. They are being created independently of commercial projects, although they have a close connection to them. All creative steps (purely artistic or based on craft) have the same value and support each other…
Everything that is being created in the studio or outside the studio is closely connected and in reality represents one single work:
Mechanical sculptures and pictures, simple play with balls, elements inspired by traditional folk items and tools, technical details of houses and constructions, connections and joints, accompanied by technologies of puppet making, need for color and courage for decorative creativity.

The main inspiration for these works is environment, in which all elements are tied into one whole. Meadows, fields, woods and lakes. Seemingly deserted landscape, but for an eye of an observant onlooker filled with many traces of human work… Harsh weather, long winters and hard way of life, waiting for spring and joy of simple things… Small chapel on a hill and its bell, which again and again tolls to numerous generations and their fates, which pass through this landscape.





Garden of Eden

Mechanical wood sculpture - game with a wooden ball

Adam (85 cm




Girl - figurine for Christmas Nativity

Traditional carving work (40 cm)



Struna 1


Mechanical sculpture - stringed instrument (85 cm)

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