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Sculpture and woodcarving workshop.Studio for sculpture,
furniture and interior design. Original interiors workshop.


Skrin detail

Commode - "Silent Bride"


Skrin detail

Stand for flowers - "Four girls"


Skrin detail

Drawings from the studio



Chairs made ​​of linden wood


Skrin detail

Glass cabinet - detail



Glass cabinet

Designer Furniture

Don’t be afraid of colors or highly decorative details, which contrast with and complement concrete and steel. Enjoy the beauty of simple themes, which you might have forgotten, and place them alongside the virtual reality surrounding us.




Designer Furniture gallery




This furniture is derived from creative exploration. Sometimes it can be classified more as a statue than a chair or wardrobe, and becomes furniture only when used as such. Some works are created as commissions, where the only requirement is the use and function. In these cases works are frequently created are specifically suited for the space they were designed for. Every product is an individual work of art, while also fulfilling the fuction of a unique piece of furniture.






Designs gallery

Examples of individual works ready for realization. This small catalogue is to show our current art and craft possibilities, and it offers a unique opportunity for the customer to choose from numerous projects, which cannot be realized without formal commission…
All designs are new and contain experience gained in the last fifteen years, which is the time frame we focus on design furniture.
Every design is original and is waiting for its realization. Work techniques, used materials and inseparable share of the author on the result of the work, are again a guarantee for high quality of the work, both in artistic and craft aspect. Themes of works are traditional for our workshop, but we are also very flexible to the adjustment of our overall concepts to the needs of our customers.


Stool - "Spirit"



Stand for flowers "Blue garden"



Detail cabinets - Designs gallery



Music box - "Rural Organ"



Group chairs



Four Seasons - Little Table with Pendulum
















Mantelpiece with the landscape

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